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          Lavardin Loir river bed and breakfast           Lavardin castle Loir valley bed and breakfast           Lavardin St Genest roman church Loir valley bed and breakfast

                  Bridge on the Loir, Lavardin                             Lavardin castle Lavardin arms Loir valley bed and breakfast                                 St Genest church

Main fortress of the dukes of Vendôme since the 12th century, Lavardin castle dominates the Loir valley. Its square keep is from the 11th century.

18 km from Vendôme. Lavardin village is part of "the most beautiful village of France' association".

The roman frescoes of the St Genest church in Lavardin are trully exceptionnal.

From the "GR 655-35 Ouest" no less than 42 trails well maintained and balisés et referenced by the French federation are available (1 h to 5 h 30 walking ) that will allow you to discover this beautiful county.

Hiking in the Loir valley on the "GR 35" through Cloyes, Pezou, Vendôme, Montoire, Chahaignes, Vaas, Le Lude.   Chemins de Grandes Randonnées / Long Hiking Trails


Beware the "mousquetaires"!

Loir valley bed and breakfast biking

Three circuits, vélo or VTT near your bed and breakfast. Between 26 and 34 km without major difficulties through the forest of Vendôme, the vineyards and villages of the Loir valley in their enchanting countryside.


Possonniere manor, Couture upon Loir

Possonnière manorCouture upon Loir arms

Near Couture sur Loir 22 km from Vendôme. Ronsard was born there the 10th of September 1524.

Open from June to September.

Loir valley gardens

Plessis-Sasnières gardens

The beautiful english style gardens of Plessis-Sasnières

Since 1996 these gardens are listed "Jardins remarquables" by the French cultural authorities.

Plessis-Sasnieres gardens

Lude castle

Lude castleLude castle arms

Plantagenêts country

Chateaudun castle Loir valley bed and breakfast

Chateaudun castleChateaudun castle arms Loir valley bed and breakfast

To be seen: the frescoe representing "the last jugement" on the south wall dated 1500.

Look for the stairs of Jean Dunois battle "compagnon" of Joan of Arc.


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